Baird Group offers two programs to improve nurse communication, and boost your bottom line.

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Nurse/Patient Partnership

2-Hour Worksop Style Training

The two hour training gives nurses hands-on experience with communication skills while rekindling their passion for nursing.

Nurse Leader Segment

This special segment examines the unique role of nurse leaders, focuses on skills to help the leader effectively coach their staff and presents tools to connect training to daily operations.

Demonstrations and Practices

Designed to improve communication, raise empathy and engage the heart.

Nurse Leader Rounding Skill-builder

Build Leader Confidence

Designed to raise leader confidence in making effective rounds, and build their skills in providing constructive feedback to staff nurses, based on rounds.

Heightened Awareness

The training helps raise awareness of opportunities for service recovery and builds skills to respond effectively.

Interactive Methodology

Training aimed at engaging leaders through hands-on practice exercises.

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